By Deepti Dutt

March 2022

By Deepti Dutt
by Deepti Dutt

February 2022

Is there a gift more timeless than a NFT? Here are 4 reasons as to why you should gift a NFT this Valentine's Day.

August 2021

How Teen Entrepreneurs Are Driving The Future of WorkListen now (44 min) | Ep7- Interview w/ Naynika Nair, Sidharth Sajan, and Swetha Dutt
Interview with Deepak Dutt and Akshay Patel (Part 2) talking more in depth about crypto and the creator economy.
Why crypto is important in creator economy (Part 2)Listen now (38 min) | Ep 6- Interview w/ Deepak Dutt and Akshay Patel

July 2021

Artist Interview: Community and Self-caring with Tee Kundu Listen now (39 min) | Ep 4- Creator Interview w/ Tee Kundu
3rd episode of Imagination to Creation series- Interview Deepak Dutt, the CEO and founder of Zighra, and Akshay Patel, Crypto Specialist on the topic of…
Why Crypto is Exciting for the Creator Economy? (Part 1)Listen now (38 min) | Ep 3- Interview w/ Deepak Dutt and Akshay Patel

June 2021

How to teach your kids to dream and make education stress-freeListen now (47 min) | Ep 2- Creator Interview w/ Raji Menon
100 True fans are the topic of the first episode of the Imagination to Creation series. Archana Manoj's insights could be beneficial to you whether you…