Aug 13, 2021 • 44M

How Teen Entrepreneurs Are Driving The Future of Work

Ep7- Interview w/ Naynika Nair, Sidharth Sajan, and Swetha Dutt

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We will be talking about passion, unique journey as a creator, and how pandemic has changed the creator landscape. Please visit our social media platforms and live talk at Clubhouse
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In this episode, we have the co-founders of STEAM Engine, Naynika Nair, Sidharth Sajan, and Swetha Dutt, joining us to talk about their journey and passion in starting an education business for children and peers. These three teens convert their passion for science, art and coding into a sustainable business by working together from initial program planning to getting their first fan and growing their community. We learn about their journey in how they get started, the challenges that they faced and how they have overcome them in a positive and creative attitude. This podcast inspires and reminds us that age is never what stopping you to begin something new. With enough passion and courage, that is all that you need to start a business and showcase your work.

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