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Artist Interview: Community and Self-caring with Tee Kundu

Artist Interview: Community and Self-caring with Tee Kundu

Ep 4- Creator Interview w/ Tee Kundu

How does aspiring artist, Tee Kundu, caring the community and world?

In our 4th episode, Tee Kundu (they/them), a full-time designer, illustrator & social artist, talks about how they use creativity and art to care for themselves and the community.

Tee’s art range from drawing, digital art, public practice and more. Their practice focuses on spreading the message of self-love and community care to empower many others. Tee talks about today’s perfectionism. They wanted to inspire people including other artists and those who are feeling burnout to take a break and have some self-caring time.

Towards the end of the podcast, Tee encourages all of us to

Take care of yourself. Take your time and Say no to work. Do your thing, Set your boundaries, and Be confidence that you are a smart, capable, talented person and Keep going! You got this!

To learn more about Tee and their work, check out their website and Instagram

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