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Why Crypto is Exciting for the Creator Economy? (Part 1)

Why Crypto is Exciting for the Creator Economy? (Part 1)

Ep 3- Interview w/ Deepak Dutt and Akshay Patel

CEO & Founder of Zighra Deepak Dutt and Crypto Specialist & EECS + Business Student at University of Berkeley Akshay Patel joins My Imagination to Creation series to talk about what is passion economy, cryptocurrency and how it interrelated to one another. A session to either introduce you or strengthen your ideas about crypto in the passion economy.

Deepak and Akshay explain this concept, which can be confusing for many people, into a really easy understanding idea. This discussion is beginner-friendly for any creators and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how you can take advantage of the future economy tends for the coming years.

We have summed up the interview for you, check out here:

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Why Crypto is Exciting for the Creator Economy?
In the fourth episode of the Imagination to Creation series, we are excited to explore the topic of cryptocurrency and its connection to the creator economy. This is a beneficial article if you want to keep up to date with the newest trends and take some food for thoughts on our future economy, especially if you are a creator who is interested to see ho…
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